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City of Gears

At the end of the 19th Century, a brilliant and wealthy inventor announced that he was building a gleaming city of the future - a utopian metropolis run by an intricate system of clockwork gears. Tragically, he passed away mere months before its completion, and his dream city fell into disrepair and ruin before ever being set into motion.
Now, decades later and armed with a workforce of automaton workers and moxie to spare, you and your rivals have built miraculous factories outside this derelict city, and you plan to uncover its secrets and finally make the dream a reality.
City of Gears is a unique steampunk game of exploration, area control, worker placement, and engine building. Players race to uncover the city and then exploit their discoveries to gain an edge over competitors. Activate locations, link them together for bonuses, and fight to maintain control of those that hold the most value - or grant the most effective powers. Every action matters as the countdown to opening day ticks on. Manage to gain the most prestige before the gates are opened and you'll be forever remembered as the founder of the City of Gears!
17 Production Dice
36 Resource Tokens
13 Discovery Tokens
30 Movement Tokens
80 Ownership Markers
24 Automaton Worker Pawns
63 Prestige Tokens
4 Factory Boards
21 City Tiles
1 Gear Bag
4 Opening Day Gears
4 Converter Development Gears
40 Standard Gears