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Magic: The Gathering Forgotten Realms Collector Booster Box

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is Magic’s take on the most popular Dungeons & Dragons setting, bringing the characters and experiences of the world’s greatest roleplaying game to life in the world’s greatest card game.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms brings the storytelling and roleplaying of Dungeons & Dragons to Magic through every card. Fans of Dungeons & Dragons will recognise plenty of items, spells, and campaign tropes packed into Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Fans of Magic will see how the rules and tools of their favourite card game translate the mechanics and feel of the adventures you find in Dungeons & Dragons

The Collector Booster is aimed at players who value serious collecting. Designed to be the best value if you're prioritising collecting hard-to-find and exclusive cards - collectors can look forward to more foil cards and special treatment cards like the extended-art versions.

Each collector booster box Includes 12 collector booster packs.

Eachcollector booster packIncludes 15Magic: The Gathering cards & 1 foil token

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