Modern Horizons 3 - Prerelease Event - 8 June 2024

Date: 8 June 2024

Format:  Sealed
Entrance Fee: R1499 (walk-ins are allowed, however purchasing this ticket guarantees entry - Limited spots available)

Registration time: 10:30
Start time: 11:00


How will the event work:

Upon entrance, you will receive an Modern Horizon's 3 pre-release kit. The prelease kit includes:

6 Modern Horizon's 3 Play Boosters; 
1 foil, year-stamped Rare or Mythic Rare 
1 deck box 
1 Spin down die

Cards opened from these booster packs will be used to construct a 40 card deck. The event will be swiss with prizes given based on final placing. 

Prize support:
At minimum:
1x Modern Horizon's 3 booster per participant into prize pool

Additional prize support may be added based on attendance!

Store address:
Unit 6, 14 Mercury Cres, Wetton, Cape Town, 7780, South Africa(inside the Inospace complex)


For more information please feel free to contact:
Erez (event organiser) - 082 402 8013 (also available on whatsapp)

Join our Magic the gathering Organised play Whatsapp group: Group link