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Pokemon Sword & Shield Darkness Ablaze Announcement

Pokemon Sword and Shield Darkness Ablaze

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Darkness Ablaze

Word on the street has it that August 2020 will see the release of another Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion, Sword and Shield - Darkness Ablaze.

So, while we're still waiting for an official press release from Pokemon with more detailed information, here is what we do know about the 3rd Sword & Shield TCG expansion set, Darkness Ablaze.

This new set will be partly based off of the Japanese sets:

  • S2a Explosive Walker
  • S3 Infinity Zone
  • sC Sword & Shield Starter Set VMAX Charizard / VMAX Grimmsnarl
Sword and Shield Darkness Ablaze is set to be released on August 14 2020, although we are still awaiting for official confirmation of this.

Product images of the Darkness Ablaze sets have also been revealed. The pack arts include Gigantamax Centiskorch VMAX, Gigantamax Eternatus VMAX and Gigantamax Charizard VMAX and theme decks featuring Galarian Sirfetch'd and Galarian Darmanitan.

As always, at Level Up Store we will keep you updated with all the latest Sword and Shield Darkness Ablaze information as it is released. We expect an official press release to be announced soon.

Here are some interesting facts about the set courtesy of pokeguardian.com:
  • Darkness Ablaze is a synonym for Burning Shadows.
  • The Burning Shadows TCG set introduced the Legendary Pokémon Necrozma GX. The Darkness Ablaze set introduces the Legendary Pokémon Eternatus V and VMAX.
  • Burning Shadows introduced Charizard GX and Darkness Ablaze introduces Charizard V / VMAX.
We can’t wait for more to be revealed about this exciting new Sword and Shield set, which will certainly be making its way into our store as soon as possible.
All images and info sourced viapokeguardian.com