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A War of Whispers Collector's Edition (2nd Edition)

A War of Whispers is a competitive board game where five mighty empires are at war for the world, but you are no mighty ruler. Instead, you play a secret society that is betting on the results of this war while pulling strings to rig the results and ensure their bets pay off.

A War of Whispers is a game of deep strategy, hidden agendas, and shifting loyalties. You start the game with five loyalty tokens, each corresponding to one of the five different empires, bet randomly on a loyalty value.

Your primary goal is to ensure that when the game ends, the empires you are most loyal to control the most cities across the globe.

The Collector’s Edition includes additional Treasure and Conquest cards to add even more variables to A War of Whispers. The Treasure cards act as wild cards to allow for more card combos during play. The Conquest cards represent unique events that take place and are acted upon immediately once drawn.

Board Game Geek Review

Players: 2 to 4
Ages: 14 and up
Duration: 60 mins
Difficulty: 2.56out of 5

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