Another Man's Treasure

Compete to find and collect magical items. Powerful action cards will help or hinder you along the way. The stakes rise with each card played. Balance the desire for points wisely as you push your luck. Play it safe or risk it all in the contest for victory.

The goal of the game is to collect the most Magic Marks. Players collect Magic Marks by gathering sets of Talismans into their Trove.

Each turn a player must draw at least one card and try to place it in the Enchanted Forest. Drawing additional cards will depend on how far they are willing to push their luck.

Players try to complete Collections. A Collection is either 1 of each of the 5 Talismans OR 4 of the same Talisman (regardless of color). Each Collection marker card is worth 10 Magic Marks and cannot be stolen.

The game ends when the draw pile has been depleted...
2-3 players: first time
4-5 players: second time
6 players: third time

At the end of the game, all players count their Collection marker cards and Talisman cards. Each Collection marker card is worth
10 Magic Marks. Remaining Talisman cards in a player’s Trove are each worth 1 Magic Mark.

The Magician with the most Magic Marks wins.

3 items left