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Castawaysis a party game that is inspired by the popular reality TV show 'Survivor' and combines social deduction, card drafting mechanics and superior social skills as players attempt to take their secret castaway character to the end and win the title of The Ultimate Castaway.

The arrival of Daily Mail and Camp Life cards causes uncertainty and chaos in camp (and around the table) as teams deliberate how to best play the hand dealt to them.

And then off to the Challenges we go! The challenges are totally random, and the choice of line-up (and who to sit out) can determine the final outcome.

The losing team will make their way to the Outcast Tribunal where one Castaway will be voted out of the game.

Not so fast! Tribunal Twist cards and personal advantages are real, and when played will induce a crazy tribunal experience.

Once down to 10 castaways the merge is on the horizon, bringing with it a shift in the game. At this stage, players now need to look out for themselves. And be confronted with the big question - stay true to your alliance or backstab and blindside?

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