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Coriolis - Scenario Compendium 1

“There’s just so much we still don’t know about levitanium!” exclaims the Colonial Agency science official, tipsy from the wine. “For instance, why does it make some creatures bigger than others? We’ve only seen the smallest fraction of its possibilities, mark my words!” Jorunga, the Arzachelian priestess, nods and smiles – careful, polite. Meanwhile, an old man from the forest moon takes your hand and gestures towards the horizon, where distant giant trees tower like a mountain range. “See the dance of the jirunes”, he mumbles in a heavy accent, as you follow his gaze to a far off flock with thousands of birds spiraling in hypnotic waves, glittering in the slowly setting sun. “Bad omens, according to the forest djinns. The Beast awakens when the drums fall silent. All of us will die unless you heed my words.” __________________________ The Third Horizon is filled with strange worlds and wondrous stories, and this scenario compendium lets the PCs become part of those tales. Within its pages are three short adventures and a scenario location, each one inviting the players to visit a far-flung place, from the forest moon Arzachel to the sweltering hot streets of Mehrabi, the petroleum capital of Lubau. Featured Content: In The Tailor from Mira, the PCs get caught up in the intrigues and secrets of the Icon City and its rulers. Eye of the Beast puts the PCs on the forest moon of Arzachel, where they must confront their Icon beliefs or succumb to the rationality of science. Algebra of the Icons drops the PCs into a murder investigation that will lead them through the metropolis of Mehrabi. The scenario location The Mahanji Oasis introduces a desert oasis including maps, NPCs and scenario seeds.

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