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Creature Feature

In this game of hand management and bluffing by Richard Garfield, you are a movie agent representing actors who excel at particularly monstrous roles. Try to get them the part in the feature film! Or, failing that, at least a part in SOME film.
Each round you will assign a Co-star and a Star (cards with a number value and possibly a special ability) to audition for a role (a tile worth points). Everyone will reveal their co-stars and then have the opportunity to change what they are auditioning for and instead try for lesser films worth fewer points. Winning a part scores points - but there's a twist! If your star has a lower value than your co-star, you can't win unless everyone else stops competing for that film... but if everyone DOES back off, you score extra points!
The game ends after a fixed number of rounds, and the player with the most points wins!

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