Dragon Shield Perfect Fit Inner Sleeves - Japanese size

Dragon Shield Perfect Fit Sleeve - Japanese size - Toploader
Double Your DEF with Dragon Shield Perfect Fits for double-sleeving!
Perfect Fit sleeves provide improved card protection. These inner sleeves fit closely over cards and fit inside all Dragon Shield Japanese Size Dragon Shields. Japanese size sleeves are made in a smaller size typical in Japanese card games, like Yu-Gi-Oh!. Cards should be loaded into the Perfect Fit from the bottom and then slid into a regular Dragon Shield sleeve to maximize protection.

More Information
Sleeves per bag: 100 sleeves per bag
Sleeve Material: PVC-free polypropylene sleeves, no acid. Archival safe.
Sleeve Quality: 60 ?m quality thickness
Sleeve Size: For cards measuring up to 59x86 mm (25/16"x33/8")