Gamegenic Prime Playmat XL: (Black)

• 80 x 35 cm
• Softly cushioned playmat,
2 mm thick
• 19 cm wider than
a standard playmat
• Perfect for KeyForge®
and other card games
that need a lot of space
• Ultra-fine surface
• Provides safe environment
for cards and accessories
• Anti-slip back side
• Subtle & elegant: Silver foil logo
• Made from natural rubber
The Prime Playmat XL is a premium, softly cushioned playmat with extended width of 80 cm. These additional 19 cm make the Playmat XL superior to regular-sized playmats on the market. It provides more space for cards and accessories, which is essential to new games like KeyForge® but also beneficial for TCGs like Magic: The Gathering™.
The mat is covered with ultra-fine surface and its anti-slip back side keeps it perfectly in place during the game. Natural rubber of 2 mm thickness makes sure that the playmat rests flat on the table. The Gamegenic logo in elegant silver foil is displayed in the top corner of the playmat.

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