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Harry Potter Trading Cards Booster Box

The official trading card collection on the Harry Potter movies is here!

Don't miss the extraordinary PANINI Harry Potter “Welcome to Hogwarts” trading card collection, a real treat for Wizarding World fans!

A collection with 216 trading cards dedicated to all Harry Potter films. Find all 60 special trading cards made with very special materials: rainbow, gold and silver effect!

Relive the iconic scenes of the characters who animated Harry's films. The characters, places and all the curiosities of the Wizarding World ...

Where was the Philosopher's Stone hidden? Who was Salazar Slytherin's heir? What magical item is used by Hermione in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" to participate in all the magic lessons? What are the names of the schools participating in the Triwizard tournament? How is Arthur Weasley saved from Nagini's attack? Who created the Sectumsempra spell? What and how many are Voldemort's Horcruxes created?

Test your knowledge of all the Harry Potter films and collect all the Harry Potter “Welcome to Hogwarts” trading cards, from Panini.

  • Each Booster Pack includes 6 cards
  • Each Booster Box includes 24 Booster Packs

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