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Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Trading Cards Booster Box 1994 (sealed)

Factory Sealed 1994 Vintage Trading Cards Booster Box

The Hitchhiker's Guide the Galaxy trading cards are collectors cards which were released in 1994 by Cardz.

They feature art from, and inspired by, the comic book series originally published in 1993, which itself was inspired by the original Hitchhiker's series by Douglas Adams. In total, there are 100 standard cards, including: 4 "Tekchrome" cards, 2 Hologram cards, 3 Prototypes (Promos), and an unknown amount of Autographed Cards, signed by Douglas Adams. There was only 1 Autographed Card per 4 cases of card packs - each card was signed on the back of the card, and all of the cards signed were different base cards from the set.

Contains 24 booster packs

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