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King of Tokyo - Wickedness Gauge

King of Tokyo - Wickedness Gauge
The King of Tokyo Dark collector's edition Wickedness Gauge is getting its own micro expansion!

This expansion includes the Wickedness board, 10 Wickedness tiles and all 15 counters representing every monster in the King of Tokyo base game and expansions.

In addition to Victory Points, 1's and 2's grant you Wickedness Points as follows:

For each three-of-a-kind of 1's, gain 2 Wickedness Points;
For each three-of-a-kind of 2's, gain 1 Wickedness Points;
Track any points gained by moving your Monster counter up the Wickedness Gauge.

If your counter moves onto or beyond the 3 , 6 or 10 space, you may take a tile of your choice from the tiles available at that Wickedness level.

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