Level Up 9 Pocket Side Loading Card Binder | 360 cards | Black

Please Note: these are still in production, this is an early bird super special. These will be available at earliest in July 2024.

High quality 9 card per page binder for all standard and Japanese sized gaming cards including Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic the Gathering. 

This is the budget friendly option of our massively popular Level Up Zip Binders


Side loading pockets

  • Optimised to prevent cards from falling out while moving around.

Elastic Band Closing

  • For keeping securely closed

Rigid plastic outer cover

  • Provides additional protection to inner pockets.

20 double sided pages

  • Allows storage of up to 360 cards with extra protection preventing card's from touching.

Optimised for sleeved cards

  • Easily fits cards already sleeved by standard soft card sleeves.