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Level Up Premium Dice | Obsidian Gemstone | Rainbow

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Introducing our exquisite Premium Gemstone Dice Set – a testament to the ultimate fusion of luxury and gaming. Crafted with precision and passion, these dice are not just gaming tools; they're a statement of elegance and style.

Each set contains seven meticulously carved polyhedral dice, made from gemstones like amethyst, rose quartz, tiger's eye, obsidian, and more. Each die is a hand-cut from it's gemstone.

The gemstone dice in this collection are not just visually stunning; they provide a tactile pleasure with their weight and balance, offering a truly satisfying roll. Every roll is a moment of anticipation, as these dice land with a graceful charm that only natural gemstones can provide.

What's Inside:

1 D20 (20-sided die)
1 D12 (12-sided die)
1 D10 (10-sided percentile die)
1 D8 (8-sided die)
1 D6 (6-sided die)
1 D4 (4-sided die)
1 D% (10-sided die for percentages)

Please note: gemstone dice should not be rolled on hard surfaces. Use a mat or dice tray to roll.