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Puns of Anarchy

Whether you're a pun newbie or wordplay master, Puns of Anarchy is a ridiculous punning free-for-all anyone can play.
Just change a few letters on the dry erase cards to turn favorite bands, movies, and more into hilarious puns. Play the best pun in a category to win! Gameplay is rapid-fire, wildly creative, and will get even the shyest punners churning out applause-worthy wordplay.
Each round, every player is the judge of a category such as food or reasons to worry. They also have punnable cards with phrases such as The Walking Dead or Brave New World to modify with a dry erase marker and put in another player's category.
The round ends once each category has at least 4 puns. Players decide which pun they like best and give the category card to the person who played it. Play continues until someone earns ten category cards.

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