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As the head of an archaeological team in Scarabya, you need to set up an expedition and establish your camps to delineate areas of excavation. Your goal: Bring together the largest number of gold beetles to help unravel the mysteries of Scarabya. These golden beetle amulets are extremely valuable as they can help solve ancient mysteries about the long-gone civilizations that created them. They are known to be scattered across world: buried in the Egyptian desert, hidden deep in the Amazon rainforest, immersed in the Bermuda Triangle, and frozen in Antarctica. To find them, lead your team on an expedition to set up camps and mark out areas of excavation. Will you be the archaeologist who finds the most Scarabs and uncovers the mysteries of Scarabya?

In this puzzle game, the goal is to position Tetris-style tiles to create zones of 1 to 4 squares that contain scarabs. Those scarabs are worth the size of the zone they are in (1 to 4 points). Each tile is placed simultaneously by all players on their individual boards in the order they are drawn. The player with the most points after all tiles have been placed or discarded wins.

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