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Serve up the best (mutated) foods in the fast-paced drafting game Tacopocalypse. Build combo plates that need to be sold before they eat you, and always be ready to scramble for the Wasteland's best condiments. Push your luck to score big, but beware the monstrous Chalupacabra!
In more detail, each turn players select a food card from their hand. All players reveal their cards simultaneously and either begin a combo plate or add to their already existing one. A player's combo plate must consist of all the same or all different food cards. If a card is played that cannot be added, then the combo plate is discarded without scoring it.
When any two players play the same food card, all players attempt to grab a condiment card. Will you get Nuclear Hot Sauce to enhance your plate, make your opponents fill up on Chips & Dip, or unleash the Dreaded Monstrous Chalupacabra? There is always one fewer condiment cards on the table than the number of players. These cards allow for greater scoring, opponent bashing, and multiple scoring options. Players then score any combo plates they wish, then pass their hand to the player on their left. This draft-and-play continues until the hands run out. Play as many rounds as you wish, then the player with the highest score wins!

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